Introducing an efficient way to
help your clients fund their projects

Introduce a developer

If you are a property agent, IFA, broker, solicitor, accountant, quantity surveyor, architect, agent or intermediary and you refer clients who have property investment or development opportunities to us, you’ll receive 10% of our fee.

Introduce an investor

If you are an IFA, broker, solicitor, accountant, agent or intermediary with clients that are experienced property lender and/or investors, family offices, asset managers or fund managers, and you introduce them to us, you’ll receive 10% of our fee on projects they invest in, if they are unknown to us and not already registered.


If you are an intermediary representing a development opportunity on behalf of a client, you can receive 50% of our fee once the funding is successful.

What is an introducer?

If you become an introducer for a client or an investor you’ll receive 10% of our fee the moment the transaction concludes. Our fee varies depending upon the size and type of funds we raise.

If you are an intermediary representing a real estate asset or development opportunity on behalf of a client, we can work together with you to fund the project and you’ll receive 50% of our fee when the project is successfully funded.

Become an introducer

Getting started

Register your details and get immediate access to dashboard on our platform.

Introducing a client

  • 1. Access your dashboard and add details of each client you think is appropriate.
  • 2. We’ll send an introduction to each client you have added inviting them to join InvestSure and mentioning that you have referred them.
  • 3. Once your client has accepted our invitation they’ll be given access to our platform to view investment opportunities or to apply for funding.

Payment terms

When an application for funding is successful or an investment is made, you’ll receive 10% of our fee on the same day that funding completes and our fees are paid in full by the client.

Use the platform to fund your projects

By registering as an intermediary you will have instant access to load your own projects for funding. If you provide all the information we require and load all the documents we request we will conduct our due diligence and when it passes our checks it can go live to be funded by our audience of funders. Nothing could be simpler or easier.

Payment Terms

When an application for funding is successful, you’ll receive 50% of our fee on the same day that funding completes and our fees are paid in full by the client.

All you have to do is;

  • Supply the documents we need to conduct our due diligence.
  • Have met with the developer and verified his experience and checked he has no CCJs.
  • Have a contract with the client that gives you exclusive permission to fund the scheme.

Please note: we have a firm policy never to coax clients away from the introducers. We view your relationship with your client as sacrosanct.

How does it work?

  • Register as an intermediary and access your dashboard.
  • Once there you can either refer a client to us or load your own projects on behalf of your clients.
  • If you refer a client we will do all the information gathering, go to site and meet with the developer, load their project onto the platform, conduct all the due diligence and work with the client and funder through to close. When you refer a client you will receive 10% of our fee upon completion.
  • When you decide to load your own project, you will remain in control of the relationship with your client and so you will have met with the client and collated all the information we will need to fund the project. You will then log into your dashboard and load the information onto our system. You will have the opportunity to tell us of any investors and funders you do not want the project exposed to and they will be deselected from viewing it.

    When you are ready for us to start our due diligence you will submit your project and its status will change to ‘pending’ on your dashboard. We then start our DD process to check all the information and have a QS verify that the project is viable. Once it passes our DD process your project goes live.

    We then collate all offers of funding for you so that you can present these to your client. You choose who to proceed with. The project then closes in the normal way and upon completion the funder pays the platform their fee which is immediately shared 50/50 with you.