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Find the most competitive development funds in the industry

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    Find the most competitive development funds in the industry
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Flexible funding solutions

The lnvestSure platform has an audience of the most active funders and investors in the UK, to provide competitive equity, mezz, bridging and stretch debt, which is matched automatically on our innovative portal.

We can select the types of funders who can see your opportunity and limit your project from over exposure or duplication of funders you may have already approached. Only the most appropriate lenders and investors will see your opportunity.

Supported process

We work closely with developers to present them and their schemes professionally, and find the best solutions on the market for their unique opportunities. We arrange and attend all funding meetings to ensure complete support and continuity.

We understand how stressful funding can be, and so we have designed our service to be as quick and efficient as possible whilst maintaining a quality supportive approach.

Up to 100% funding

We can raise up to 100% funding for talented, experienced developers who may have capital tied up on other sites. We understand the need to grow your business with limited capital and so we help find solutions to enable that growth if it is appropriate for our investors.

Because this is not a peer to peer platform, and we do not work with retail investors, only professional corporate investors will see your opportunity, which speeds up the process and limits your exposure to only those that understand risk.

What will InvestSure fund

  • All types of property developments of all asset classes across the UK
  • Senior debt and stretched debt funding over £1m with no cap
  • Mezzanine finance and equity investment over £250,000 with no cap
  • The sale of; land, yielding or distressed assets.

Why use InvestSure?

We understand the need to grow your business with limited capital and so we help structure funding solutions to enable that growth that are appropriate for our investors. We provide:

  • A faster response to your funding requirements
  • Access to a more diverse pool of lenders
  • Potential for 100% funding
  • More flexible funding than offered by traditional lenders
  • Lower costs of funding than from traditional lenders
  • We arrand and attend all funding meetings to ensure complete support and continuity
  • Audiences for opportunities can be tailored so you can choose which investors you don’t want to see it as well as ensuring that projects of a sensitive nature are not overexposed
  • Audiences for opportunities can be tailored so you can choose which investors you don’t want to see it as well as ensuring that projects of a sensitive nature are not overexposed
  • If you are not an experienced developer, we can match you up to an appropriate developer in a joint venture to provide a reduced risk investment model
  • Once we have you project appraisal and understand your needs, we will structure your finance to keep the costs of funds as low as possible
  • We prepare a detailed overview of your company and your project for funders, presenting you professionally consistently
  • We work with a QS to verify your data, giving you a final sense check before funding starts
  • There are no upfront costs and all fees are built into funding (if a project is aborted before funding completes, however, there will be a small admin contribution charge of £500)

What you will need

To help kick off the funding of your project we will need the following documents;

  • Project appraisal showing buy and build costs and gross development value (GDV)
  • Schedule of accommodation to show a break down of your completed scheme
  • Plans and planning documents
  • Any evidence to support the GDV; desktop valuation, comparables, etc.
  • An overview of your experience with at least three examples of previous projects if you can

These can be submitted from the members area, if you have registered, or emailed to

Our due diligence

  • We check that all developers appearing on the platform have no outstanding CCJs and are experienced with a good track record of involvement in at least three projects
  • We ensure that the project’s site is secured, either by ownership, option or exchange
  • We conduct localised searches for anything which may have an adverse effect on the project
  • We check the project has sufficient profit to ensure a return even if the market experiences a downturn
  • We conduct local analysis to find supporting evidence to verify the gross development value [GDV] of the project
  • We have the project checked by a quantity surveyor to verify its feasibility

Latest Case Studies




Funding Target: £15,500,000

Planning obtained to build one three bed detached, one four bed detached, six three bed semi-detached homes in a super location.

GDV £19,851,561


Kenilworth House


Kenilworth House

Funding Target: £17,785,000

An exclusive scheme of 12 luxury apartments and 1 townhouse in Ascot.

GDV £17,785,000


Monks Eleigh


Monks Eleigh

Funding Target: £3,536,912

Redevelopment of the former C of E Primary School site for residential development (Class C3) comprising of up to 17 dwellings.

GDV £6,760,000


Oak House


Oak House

Funding Target: £1,238,200

Full planning permission obtained by developer to demolish an existing 4 bed dwelling and build a luxury 5 bed house on the plot with garage and tennis courts.

GDV £2,650,000


Getting started

1. Register your details by clicking on the ‘Register’ button

2. Confirm your email address when prompted to do so

3. Access your dashboard and click on the ‘Add Project’ button. Add the details of your project and add the following details: your CV and examples of at least three of your previous projects giving the purchase price, build costs, sale price, pictures and brief details of the build and the date of the build. We also require appraisals, cashflow, plans, drawings, digital images, valuations, and values of comparable properties in the area to support the GDV. As much information as you can provide

4. Once you submit this information, we carry out an initial sanity check to establish if your project is suitable for our platform. We may call you to discuss it or arrange a meeting to guide you through our streamlined process

5. It is likely that we will want to visit your site

6. We then conclude by conducting our own due diligence on your project. This will involve local searches in the area for any conflicting development activity, a quantity surveyor will review the scheme’s build costs and timescales for feasibility, and we will then prepare an IM for investors review

Preparing for funding

1. We work with you to structure a funding solution to fit the requirements for your project as well as delivering a good opportunity for investors

2. We pull together a comprehensive information pack containing all the due diligence to help potential investors assess the opportunity

3. Once you have approved the listing, we present the project on our platform to the most appropriate investors and / or funders
– for projects which require senior debt funding of up to 80% of total costs, we present it to selected members of our institutional funding community
– for projects requiring equity and / or mezz we will present it for syndication to private investment companies, individual professional investors, family offices, etc.
– we can select specific funders and investors to exclude or include, if you have preferences or sensitivities you need to let us know

4. No developers or brokers will see your listing, it is kept confidential except for the most appropriate investors and funders

How your project is funded

1. Our investment community select their funding preferences from the start of their membership, so only those appropriate to your opportunity will see it

2. Investors will see the highlights of your opportunity and if they are interested they will click on the thumbnail image to see the full project details and our due diligence

3. Those who are interested in funding your debt requirements will then wish to meet you or visit the site, we will be with you every step of the way. If you are happy with the terms offered, the debt funding proceeds as it does traditionally, with QS and legal input until drawdown

4. Those wishing to invest in your equity or mezz tranche will pledge the capital they wish to invest. All the share agreements and paperwork are shared with investors up front so when they pledge their investment they will already have seen the complete offering and all the documents. They will then go through KYC and AML regulatory checks before their money can be accepted. Once the capital target has been achieved, and all the funds have been transferred the fund raise closes and your capital is transferred to your SPV